Get Involved!

The Zoo is ever changing displays and exhibits, but NEVER our mission! If you want to help us create a fun and inviting destination for visitors of all ages, consider the following VOLUNTEER positions:

(We require a minimum of 4 hours a week to maintain a volunteer status, preferably on the same day/time every week. 
Retired teachers, master gardeners or students are preferred.)

Zoo Grounds Keeper

We use volunteers to help us maintain our beautiful butterfly-friendly plantings!  If you have a green thumb or want to come play in the dirt, consider this position.  Mainly involves weeding, watering and tending to outdoor landscaping.  A great chance to see our honeybees and wild butterflies at work!

Docent Education

Come be an EDUCATOR in our facility!  It’s OK if you don’t have a background in bugs, as long as you love interacting with people and can help direct crowds from time to time on directions or information.  Our main position offers a docent volunteer the chance to get FREE EDUCATION, while providing a service of introducing the rules of the butterfly garden to guests, and inspecting those leaving the butterfly garden, with opportunities to work in other areas as your knowledge increases.

Classroom Projects

We have SO many classes of kids that need our interactions—We want them to fall in love with bugs but need help getting the message across.  Help us with designing, creating or even working with small groups of kids to teach about the bug basics like metamorphosis and environmental adaptation.

Become a Volunteer!

Come visit and let us know you have interest in spending volunteer time at the Zoo!  We’ll have you fill out a short application to get to know you better, to determine how best you can help.
*Entomology students, master gardeners are encouraged to apply, and all applications will be considered.  If you enjoy helping people and love butterflies, this is where you want to be!

Volunteers will watch over our butterfly collection, help educate and interact with our visitors, and help maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all visitors–Be ready to have fun and make some amazing memories with our zoo collection!

Interested in Volunteering?

Email Us About Volunteering: