The Butterfly House

Our Garden is filled with plants and flowers that best showcase the hundreds of butterflies flying all around you.  Enjoy the tranquil water features, and take in the tropical setting.

Butterflies are from all over the planet, and will amaze you as they emerge from their chrysalis in our viewing area, and then make their way into our garden to be enjoyed.

Remember, butterflies are like flowers…They do not have a very long life span, living only a couple of months, or in the case of the giant Atlas moth, only a few days!  While in our care, we strive to provide a healthy environment for our collection and enforce the following garden rules:

  • No handling/grabbing/catching/harrassing of butterflies-when handled, damage is done to the delicate scales on the butterfly wings which enable flight.  If they can’t fly, they can’t eat, and die quickly.
  • Stick to the paths and keep kids close by-They will need your help spotting butterflies!
  • Leave large bags or oversized strollers outside.  We want all our guests to enjoy their time, so please limit your personal items into the exhibit.

Come discover the amazing world of butterflies at the GT Butterfly House!